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Kung Fu on the Northern Beaches

Our martial arts school is located at Mona Vale. Close to Warriewood, North Narrabeen, and Newport, on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, we provide training in the amazing and highly effective art of Wing Chun Kung Fu. Dragon Tao Kung Fu Northern Beaches teach adults and childrens classes and are part of the Chi Sau Club which is a group of select schools that share the passion and quality of the Chu Shong Tin lineage of Wing Chun.


Kung Fu Northern Beaches

Improve Your Posture and Beat Those Injuries

Dragon Tao Kung Fu goes beyond just learning to fight. We are a complete internal martial art. Not only self-defence but you will also gain great awareness of your own body. This will teach you how to tap into your mind and be able to relax, move correctly, align your spine, and so much more. The benefits this creates are enormous. Not only will you learn an effective self defence system, you will also improve your health dramatically.

Womens Self Defence

Womens Self Defence

Many women attend our general classes, but we also offer women only self-defence classes.
Our women’s self-defence classes and group programs are focused on self-defence in the real world. We not only show you techniques, but explain how to use them properly, and why techniques you may learn elsewhere may work in training, but not in a real life situation. We also cover other areas outside of the actual physical combat.

More Reasons to Try Us Out

Huge Benefits for Kids

As you would know it is important for children to keep active, but even better if they can learn something whilst doing so. Dragon Tao Kung Fu Northern Beaches style of martial arts is perfectly suited to children of all ages as it does not require a large amount of strength or size for it to be highly effective. Not only this, but they also learn how to relax and focus better, which we all know is of great benefit to kids.

Wing Chun Northern Beaches

Direct From Hong Kong

Our Head Instructor Scott trains regularly in Hong Kong with some of the best Wing Chun Masters in the world. He also trained regularly with one of the worlds best Grandmasters, the late Sigung Chu Shong Tin. This means that at Dragon Tao Wing Chun Kung Fu Northern Beaches you will get training that is not only to an extremely high level, but you have a direct link to some of the best Wing Chun practitioners in the world.

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Our Instructors

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What Our Students Say

There is always something new and exciting to be learnt from every lesson, and I have always come away feeling great with a genuine sense of personal achievement. I would thoroughly recommend joining Instructor Scott Smith and enjoying the ancient art of Wing Chun.

Ryan Coney Horticulturist

I always craved a more meaningful and spiritual form of martial art that combined strength of body, mind and soul to achieve ultimate power and well-being. I highly recommend anyone to this form of martial art.

Claudine Stelzner Graphic Designer

I have been learning for only a short time but Instructor Scott has shown understanding, patience, and a keen eye to detail to correct me in a friendly manner. I fully recommend Dragon Tao Kung Fu to anyone!

Rhys Parkes Professional Sales Rep

I really love the weekly private lesson. You learn everything quickly, and my favourite part is the in-depth training focusing on the forms.

Charina Warne Fashion Designer
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Kids Karate Classes Northern Beaches

New Kids Class at Mona Vale!

We are adding a new kids class (Little Dragon’s 3-11 years old) to Wednesdays at 6:05pm-7:05pm. This will bring our number of children’s classes (Little Dragon’s) to four (three of which are at Mona Vale, and one in Surry Hills). The class will be run by Instructor Chris who has been helping teach the kids […]

Womens Sefl Defence Classes

Women’s Self Defence on the Northern Beaches

We now have a women’s self defence class running every Friday morning 6:15am-7:15am, and Saturdays 9:30am-10:30am. Our style of self-defence can be learnt by anyone of any size or age, both male and female, therefore it is perfectly suited to woman, even more so then almost any other martial art available.

Workshop at Oxford Falls Grammar School

Head Instructor Scott and Instructor Chris held a demonstration and hands on workshop at Oxford Falls Grammar School for Year 8 students last week. It was for a Chinese Cultural Day held there. All the kids had a great time and the session was very successful. Dragon Tao Kung Fu would like to thank Oxford […]

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